Monday, 28 October 2013

Return to Blogging & Captain Phillips (Movie/Story)

As you can see from looking at the other postings on my blog, my last post was in 2008.  I recently watched the movie Captain Phillips which has sparked extensive discussions and research into the actual story of Captain Phillips and his ship the Alabama.  This discussion and interest has brought back the idea to express myself over the internet for other interested readers such as yourself, to see the opinions and insights that I've drawn about certain topics (ie. The movie/story of Captain Phillips).

The movie Captain Phillips depicts the story of Richard Phillips, the captain of a merchant ship called the Alabama, which was hijacked by Somalian pirates off the coast of Somalia in April 2009. Pirates armed with assault rifles boarded the ship, kidnapped the captain and took off in the lifeboat of the ship.

After reflecting on the story and doing research, one of the most interesting things that I noticed is that the only defense the ship has is high pressure hoses that are spread out along the side rails of the ship.  They shoot high pressure water to potentially sink the pirate's skiff (boats).  Why wouldn't all merchant ships travelling in waters with high risk of pirates be armed with weapons (ie assault rifles, hand guns).  

It turns out that since the ships is main purpose is to transport goods (merchant ship), it would be illegal to have weapons on board because they could be smuggled into the country.  To eliminate this risk of smuggling, even though the weapons are used for defense, the merchant ships are not allowed to carry weapons by law.  This leaves the ships almost defenseless against pirates.

Another reason why they can't have weapons is the liability the shipping companies would bear.  The shipping companies would have to confirm gun licenses and proper use which would increase their operating costs for each ship.  The crew members who wish to have guns on the ship would need to have a license, have their weapons checked and be able to confirm that the weapons will be safely used only during an emergency. The shipping companies can completely avoid these extra costs and hassles, by not allowing weapons on the ships in the first place.

The reason why the crew cannot have weapons on the ship for defense can be fully solidified by the results of the hijackings that have occurred in the past.  The pirates that commandeer the ships are not there to hurt anyone, nor steal the ship.  They are there for the potential resources the ship is transporting which may be helpful to them, but most importantly. they are there for the ransom money.

In the eyes of the shipping company, carrying the liability for allowing the crew to have weapons on top of the costs far outweigh the costs of paying out ransom money to the pirates.  The reason why the companies can go through this logic of weighing costs between the two outcomes, is because in the majority of piracy events, none of the crew get hurt.

If the lives of the crew and captain were more threatened, there would be greater precautionary measures taken for each individual ship, instead of having a navy fleet patrol the dangerous, pirate infested waters.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Update on what's happeing in my life

I thought it was time to give you a short update as to what's happening.

Summer is over and hockey has started again. I am enjoying playing with the Braves again. I played volleyball at Streetsville High School this fall, it was sick.

I am so looking forward to playing Rugby in the spring, that will be great.

Looking forward to Christmas and going away with my family in January on vacation.

That's about it for now, see ya later!



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Sunday, 18 November 2007

To Kill A Mockingbird - Questions and Answers

You will find the following post very useful for the classic book To Kill a Mockingbird.

I truly enjoyed this great book and shared my answers with you so you would share your answer with me.

You will find one of my personal answers for part of the book review of:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Chapter 1
1. What did you learn in this chapter about Maycomb, Atticus Finch and his family?
I learned about Maycomb is that it’s an old tired and dirty town with a lot of rundown houses and buildings. The people were old and moved slowly and it was very hot. Atticus Finch lived on the main residential street, he's Jem and Jean Louise's (scout) father and a successful lawyer. His family is rundown and old. An old black lady named Calpurnia helps raise the kids, Atticus’s wife died
2. What did you learn about Dillis character?

I've decided to remove all the answers as this was causing too much confusion amongst the students and the teachers.

Thank you!

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Saturday, 17 November 2007

To Kill A Mockingbird - The book placeholder

This is a place holder for the title

To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Monday, 2 April 2007


Skateboarding is an awesome sport and when you learn how to skateboard you will enjoy a lot. There is so much you can learn with skateboarding because their are two different types of skateboarding. There are also many different types of skateboards. If your just starting to skateboarding you don't need to buy a pro package. You should start at a Zellers or at Wal-mart so you can try out skateboarding and if you don't like it you didn't waste $230 on a board that your not going to use ever again.

Vert is a style of skateboarding where you use ramps, half pipes, kickers, etc. Vert mostly represents that you are usually going very fast, your in the air most of the time because of the ramps and getting lots of height off ramps. Vert takes a lot of practice and it costs a lot of money for all the ramps. Also you can't be scared to fall or get hurt because you are going to fall and get hurt a lot when you skate vert.

Street is totally opposite from vert; you rarely use ramps. You skate with rails and you Ollie (jump) staircases and you do flatland tricks where all you do is do tricks off the ground no ramps or rails. Street is very hard to learn because almost every trick has a different foot position and you have to have good balance so you can land all of the tricks. You need to practice one trick until you master before you can move on to another trick.

In general to be good or get good at skateboarding you need to practice a lot. You or your parents should have a lot of money because skateboarding is an expensive sport because you need to buy a skateboard, if you want to continue skateboarding you will want to buy ramps and rails. The key to skateboarding is to have fun. When your practicing don't get mad because it won't help at all. Enjoy skateboarding for the fun of it.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Playing percussion or drums is very difficult. You have to be very well coordinated with all parts of your body. It's not like the guitar where all your using are your hands. There are times on the drums where you are using all of your body parts and they can also be doing different beats.

Getting started. When your just starting to play you should probably buy a drum kit that has already been used to get it cheap because you are not sure if you are going to enjoy playing all the time or if your good enough. You should try it out on your own for a few years then if you like it you should get a drum teacher or start at school.

The only way you are going to be good or get better at the drums is practicing. You should be practicing at least half and hour to an hour a day. You also shouldn't just be practicing the same thing, you should have different music that your drum teacher has given you or that you have gotten off the Internet. When your practicing you should be challenging your self with either playing songs, trying different kinds of beats. You should always be widening your knowledge on drums to get better.

Your thinking that well there is no difference between drums and percussion there the same thing. Well your wrong, drums is more playing beats, trying new things, having fun. Percussion is more about technique and doing exactly what the sheet music says. When your playing percussion you are very concentrated and you have a serious face all the time. Drums your moving around on the kit, smiling, having a blast and it is a lot more fun.

So if you play drums when your on that kit just have fun and practice.

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Sunday, 14 January 2007


Hockey is my favourite sport and its very fun. Hockey is a sport where a lot of skill is needed if you are playing in better rankings. But you don't need to be on those high ranking teams to have fun. House league is just as fun, but it is less competitive. Everyone in house league is having fun. When you get up to the higher rankings, coaches are really looking for the fast skaters, good passers, stick handle well, can shoot hard, hits and many other quality's.

Hitting. The difference between the higher rankings is hitting. You have contact in the higher rankings which is either fun for players or scary for players. I'm in contact and I'm telling you it is so fun. When you here the word contact you usually think of injuries and kids getting really hurt, but as long as you have your head up, there probably won't be any injuries. Things you should be doing in a game. In a game you should constantly have your head up because it is dangerous having your head down because if you get hit it, will hurt a lot.

During the game. During the entire game you shouldn't be thinking about scoring even if it is a good feeling because it will throw you off your game and you will become a hog. Your players absolutely hate hogs so don't do it. On the ice you should be thinking about making that nice pass or working really hard in the corner.

Passing. Passing is the key to the game of hockey. If your team can't make good passes there most likely going to be a bad team. When your making your pass if the player is immobile you should be looking at there tape on there stick. If the player is skating you should be thinking about passing the puck a few feet ahead of him/her because he/she will eventually catch up to it. When your making your pass you should really be concentrated on that pass because I guarantee if you are concentrated, you will make a better pass.

Shooting. Most coaches say to shout for the corners, but my hockey shooting school teacher said to shoot for the mesh. If you can see the mesh of the net shoot for that spot because it is open. When you are shooting you should be relaxed because it will mess you up if you are very nervous.

Deking. In my opinion if you are on a break away you should be skating your fastest because then the goalie has less time to react and they have to commit to one of your moves. If the goalie is out of his net you should deke because there is a lot of space to go around him/her. If the goalie is in there net you should shoot because there is very little space to go around him/her. On a breakaway you should also come down in a shooting position because that gives you the option to quickly shoot or deke. If you are not in the shooting position and you decide to shoot, it takes time to set up and you might get a bad shot off.

Practice. Practice is a very important part of hockey because that is where you learn and improve. They say "practice like you play and play like you practice" That means that you should be working just as hard in practice, as you would in a game. Don't slack off in practice because that's where it all starts.

Hockey is a very fun sport, so enjoy it when you are playing. Really focus during the game and at practice and you will see the results.

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